Finding New Idea for Your Start Up? | The Era of Web App

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Web App: A Fabulous Way to Push Your Business towards Success

As people become more dependent on the Internet, businesses are more aware of the importance of internet in exchanging information with the target industry, whether it is hotel industry, food industry, health services, security or so on.

Customized web applications, in this case, is the easiest and the most effective way to engage your business with the internet and make your business more competitive in the market.

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What is a web application?

A web application is a client-side and server-side software application with proper user interface (UI) running in a web browser, and a lot of them are well known as mobile apps.

A well-designed web app is the best tool to reinforce your business reputation and client base, and it can be used to implement any function that your business will ever need, like e-commerce (online transaction, online booking, etc.), word processing, and even some complex video editing.

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What do traditional businesses lack?

By the effect of the digital revolution, all the human industries are implementing digital electronics, and the internet has become the main part of most people’s life. As people spend most of their days looking at their phone, a web app is the easiest way for your business to catch the customers’ eyes.

Apart from that, the portability and functionality nature of web apps can give your business plenty of flexibility and convenience.

If your business does not have a web app yet, you might be placed at a disadvantage at the starting point.

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Still not sure if a web app is a must to your business? I will explain in more details about what disadvantages you could be facing by not having a web app.

Difficulty to access modern technologies:

As I mentioned before, people are spending more time on the web nowadays, either through mobile devices or through browsers, which makes web apps the trendiest way to let the customers see your business and access your service.

However, without web apps, how would your business operate?

  • Advertising through television and leaflet.

  • Job posting through newspaper.

  • Providing services and selling products in person

  • Inquiries must be made by customer calling via telephone call or visiting the store.

However, with the convenient internet contents exist, who would watch television and read newspaper nowadays?

With the help of a versatile web app, your business can:

  • Post advertisement on the web app, and customers can watch videos and read contents about your business and services through the app.

  • Do job posting on a job posting system in app for job-seekers to fill in the job application, submit the resume or arrange an interview.

  • Provide business inquiries with the search bar or Q&A section available in the app for the customers to access before having to call your business.

  • Providing services through the web app. A good example is e-commerce and online stores.

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Difficulty to manage tons of data:

To run a business, you always need a reliable method to store all the necessary data like trading history, money flow, employees’ performance analysis, etc.

Traditional businesses must store all that information on paper documents and put them in a locker to ensure security, and the customers need to keep the receipt; while modern businesses have the option to use web apps as a platform to store all the data.

So, what is the advantage of storing data in web apps over keeping them in paper documents?

  • Larger storage: Digital information takes way less speed than physical documents, so your online database has dozens of orders of more capacity over your desk drawers to store all the data.

  • Easily accessible files: For paper document, it is difficult to arrange them in a proper way to make them accessible, while through a mobile app you make all the online documents and data easily accessible by a well-designed search engine and hierarchy order.

  • Great usability: Traditional businesses usually must rewrite the documents if they want to make changes, and they must use photocopy to backup documents or send duplicates to others; while on a mobile app all the documents are editable, and you can copy and send needed data through email or make a backup by simply clicking on one button.

  • Easy and reliable data security: it takes lots of effort and money to keep paper documents in a safe, but you can easily set the accessibility and limit of authority of your online database with, for example, passcodes, on your web app with great security over your lockers.

The high cost on human resource to maintain the business:

Traditional businesses need to spend a lot of extra human resources on running the businesses. While with the help of web apps, modern businesses can utilize human resources more optimally.