Unlike typical marketing or consulting agencies that only focus on one aspect of business development, we understand running a business is multi-faceted. Budgeting for your business will not be productive if your advisor is unfamiliar with the various types of implementation costs related to running a business, such as operational, legal and accounting costs. Similarly, formulating a business plan around selling a product would be impractical without an understanding of the cost and time required to market such a product. That’s why we have assembled a team capable of providing comprehensive business services to assist you in every aspect, including:​

  • Local Market suitability

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Formulating strategic business plan

  • Budgeting and Cost analysis

  • Financial management and resource allocation analysis

  • Initial Business Structuring

Business Consultation

  • Legal Consultation

  • Incorporation

  • Sole Proprietorship Registration

  • Shareholder Agreement

  • Investment Agreement

  • (The above services are provided through our direct contact licensed British Columbia lawyer)

Legal Services

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software

  • GST / PST Registration

    • (provided through our direct contact licensed Accountant)

  • Tax Consultation

    • (provided through our direct contact licensed Accountant)

Bookkeeping and Accounting


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Established by a group of creative professionals in 2014, Quantasphere Solutions is an innovative business and technology company in Canada focused on providing effective and precise solutions in business, web, software and hardware development.


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