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At this stage, we will conduct two types of analysis for your targeted business:


  1. Local Market Suitability Analysis

  2. Competitor Analysis


We focus on analyzing the feasibility of your business idea in a designated geographical location through an in-depth analysis of various factors, including the estimated outreach scope of your business, clientele demographics, customer traffic and current local competitors. We provide you with one of two types of reports based on your needs:


  • Report on selected locations (recommended for clients with specific business locations in mind with determined leasable commercial units)

    • "I am someone who found a place to open up shop, but I am unsure whether my business will do well in this area."


  • Report on specific geographical area (recommended for clients looking at a general area without any initial research on commercial unit leasing availability, or client with businesses which do not require a physical storefront)

    • "I am someone who has a general idea of where I want to open up shop, but have not looked into the best place to operate my business."


At this stage, we will assist you in developing your business operation through the following process:


  1. Formulating a strategic business plan

  2. Budgeting and cost analysis

  3. Financial management and resource allocation analysis

  4. Initial business structuring


We focus on developing an outline for starting your business as well as standard operating procedures for the on-going management of your business. We will look at a variety of factors to begin formulating a business plan, including meeting with your team, understanding your short-term and long-term objectives, analyzing initial business investment expense, on-going operational expense, profit margins and estimated sale volumes, drafting an outline of your expense allocation, creating contingency business plans and determining the best business structure to operate your business. At the end of our consultation process, we will provide a written recommendation report on:


  1. Startup Expense Allocation and Amount

  2. Monthly Expense Allocation and Amount

  3. Optimal Operation Time

  4. Human Resource Allocation

  5. Inventory Management

  6. Optimal Business Structure

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