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A cutting-edge POS system that is fully customized and scalable for restaurants, retails and offices


The Point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is, simply put, a place where a retail transaction takes place. Traditional POS machines are usually a simple device where the merchant indicates the amount owed and the customer is given payment options and after they pay, a printed payment invoice. 
While Quantasphere has designed and built a cutting-edge POS system that is fully customized and scalable for restaurants, retails and offices. Accompanying with onboard CPU, we carry a user-friendly main POS system that has includes its own database and inventory management system, while it can handle the communication between all the external devices requested by the client. 

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We Understand Every Restaurant and Every Company is Different, This is Why QTech POS is Here For You.

The perfect POS system for your business

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Choices of your hardware and software have never been this flexible. Our system is completely customizable to fit every need of your business.

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Accounting features are easy, secure and reliable. No more risk of bad-debts.

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The system is cross-compatible with all the sub-devices and other systems provided by Quantasphere.

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Multiple POS systems and sub-systems are available depending on the size of your business.

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Data Accessibility

The integrated database stores and arrange all the essential data of your business. No more paperwork to deal with.

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Packaged Solution

We are capable of providing all the essential solutions that a business owner will ever need, all the way from branding services, business & legal consultation, website services to customized HW&SW.

Full System Integration

From Food Ordering to Kitchen Monitoring, From Inventory Management to Kitchen ERP. QTech POS Provide A Complete Solution For Your Business.

Key Features

Kitchen Monitoring System

A system in the kitchen that interacts with the main system, receives orders and send back updates on the status of the orders. 

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Database Management &

Inventory Management Systems

The database management system enables storing and accessing all the company data including but not limited to order information, cash flow, and items information. With the addition of the Inventory Management, kitchen owners can also view their current inventory status, most used product, preference tracking, and analyzing potential local suppliers.

Mobile Application

A portable version of the main POS system. It can be used by both the customers and the waiter/waitress. It includes basic ordering function with potential features like timer, order tracking, bill splitting, table reservation, QR code access, and membership management services.

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ERP is a software application used by businesses to manage and integrate various components of their operation  such as accounting, inventory management, sales, project management, marketing, finance, and human resources into one fluid and seamless system

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A Great Restaurant is a Combination of Efficient  Management, and Unique Branding

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