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Integrated Farm Management

More and more industries are adopting new digital and technological systems into their traditional businesses to improve their operating efficiency, lower their business expenses, and increase their productivity. One of the industries that Quantasphere Solutions has delved in to is the Agricultural Industry.  

Intergrated farm management

Integrated Farm Management is an Agricultural ERP that covers various areas of the agricultural industry. The system covers a wide range of operations from pest management to floor plan design, from crop yield estimation to farming sensors monitoring. This brand new system developed by Quantasphere is being used and updated in various greenhouses located across the globe to help farm owners manage and monitor their operation and the business side of their Agricultural Business.


From the beginning of civilization, Agricultural Industry has always been an industry governed by the laws of nature. However, with the rapid advance of human technology, food can be grown regardless of the weather or the climate. Farms can be built in regions with no access to water, tropical fruits can be grown in cold or inhabitable areas. Humans are now able to standardize, digitize and control the process in the agricultural industry that used to be uncertain and unpredictable.

Agricultural Trend

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Integrated Pest Management

A complete system that helps farmers monitor pest distribution, and plant infestation. With the collected information, it provides the most efficient, and economical solutions to eliminate these problems.

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HR Management

An effective HR management that helps with scheduling, progress tracking, project managing, and employee productivity monitoring. 

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Integrated Online Agri-Platform

An online library and forum with a wide range of agricultural specialists and farmers sharing data, researches, knowledge, and experience with the community.

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Irrigation Control System

With a digitally controlled irrigation system, farmers can precisely regulate the amount of water, nutrients, and the PH levels of the liquid transferred into the soil base on their schedule, temperature, and the nutrients level of the soil.

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Business & Market Analysis

Base on the current market price for the agricultural products and the agricultural requirements of each distributor, and wholesalers, the system provides a comprehensive strategy for farmers to optimize their profits.

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Automated Hardware System

Hardware system which includes but not limited to sensors, rails, irritation system, greenhouse equipment, and cameras, can provide automated adjustments and functionalities to farmers to reduce human cost and replace repetitive works.

Quantasphere is currently in a cooperative venture with Joydon International Agri-products Co. located in Taiwan. We have been developing a customized Integrated Pest Management System for their greenhouse to monitor pest distribution, plant infestation and use the collected information to determine a suitable and economical solution for these problems automatically. 

Integrated Pest Management as A Service

A broad-based approach that integrates practices for economic control of Pest,

Artificial Intelligence, and Technology.

Monitoring System

The traditional practice used by farmers relies too heavily on the cultural experience. It often forces farmers to adopt a reactive approach rather than a proactive or preventive one. Careful monitoring of pests and considering all information on their biology and environment are critical in IPM, as they allow farmers to decide if and when control action is required.

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Data Analysis

Base on the information collected from the monitoring devices in the greenhouse, the system will generate advice and solutions to help farmers to make an informed judgement on which approach (physical, chemical, biological, horticulture) to utilized and how much pesticide or natural agents should be applied.

Timely Report & HR Management

This software features a calendar, HR management, real-time project  management, and instant messenger to help leverage farmers’ controlling position and allow them to take on a more proactive role. The system stores and organizes the data collected by farmers automatically in the database that is made easily accessible for farmers. 


Cost Management 

It could be a real headache for farmers when it comes to determining the exact amount of pesticide, nutrient or natural enemies to use. The good news is though, farmers need not make their decision through own judgement anymore. With technology and different techniques available which help to determine the right amount of pesticide, nutrient or natural enemies to use, farmers can do better cost management without wasting unnecessary resources.

Integrated Online Agri-Platform

With this system, knowledge and information can now be stored properly and advice can be given immediately. By gathering experience from the user or through the application forum which users can exchange their farming experience, users can access fruitful information when they face a problem in farming and look for the solution with the help of our application, and different researches written by our collaborating specialists posted in our Online Agri-Library.

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News & Updates

Cooperative Venture

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We are proud to announce on July 3rd, 2019,  Quantasphehre Business Solutions Inc. and Changhua Tianwei Horticulture Production Cooperative in Taiwan to develop and introduce modern smart farming technology for pest control and behavioural studies in relation to vegetable production in Tianwei, Chuanghua County, Taiwan, R.O.C. 


We are optimistic that our joint endeavour will advance farming technology in Taiwan, and such technology will be widely adopted in future as the gold standard for pest control in relation to vegetable farming


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